About Us

Corporate Profile

Since its founding in 1989 as a Securities Firm in Hong Kong, Magusta Group has been driven by passionate people with a commitment towards excellence, integrity and ingenuity, built over the years to what it is today.

Financial prudence and acute foresight combined with strong management have been the key qualities that have guided our path.

Magusta Group is today a diversified portfolio of businesses with an emphasis on Asia. Our principle businesses can be placed into the following categories: property development, serviced apartments, financial services, engineering and design.

  • Our goal is to identify new market trends and expand into unsaturated niches as market leaders; providing service and goods of excellence in each and every segment we venture into.
  • Our Mission is to provide our tenants and customers with quality products and services that offer confidence and assurance.
  • Excellences in execution, innovative solutions, seamless communication and uncompromising integrity have always been our moral guiding force in our commitment towards quality.
  • Our long term relationships with our clients and customers are placed as a top priority while valuing lasting cooperation with vendors and suppliers help us realize our goals.